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.which of the following happens when the sun, the moon, and earth are lined up in a straight line? (a) seasons on earth (c) earth experiences last longer than higher high tides normal. and lower low tides. (b) the shape of (d) gravity from both earth's orbit around earth and the sun the sun changes. prevents the moon from rotating. Get the answer
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Abraham Uilleam 55 Minutes ago

.which sentence below uses apostrophes correctly? 1.sanders pen had leaked ink all over his other pen's. 2.sander's pen had leaked ink all over his o


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.which sentence best states the thesis of this selection? a "we have heard a lot about carbohydrates in the news and on television lately, and not m


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.which structure in the figure allows air to enter the body? •a. label a b. label c c. label d d. label g