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.factorizacion-factoring ejercicios: - exercises: 1. 4x8-16y1 2. 6x2-13x+6 3. 64m1-27n6 4. 16x6-81y1 5. a5-5a-36 factor común - common factor. factor por agrupación -factor per grouping. diferencia de cuadrado perfecto -perfect square difference. trinomio cuadrado perfecto -perfect square trinomial. trinomio a la forma x+bx+c -trinomial to the form x + bx + c. trinomio a la forma ax+bx+c -trinomial to the form ax + bx + c los numeros que estan a lado de cualquier letra son los exponentes. - the numbers next to any letter are the exponents. menos la ultima que es a5 el 5 es un exponente pero 5a no lo es - less the last a5 is 5 is an exponent but 5a is not. Get the answer
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.given the points p (5,7), (8,0) and r (-4,8), find the equation of a straight line that passes through p and the midpoint of or.?


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.goehler, inc. acquires all of the voting stock of kenneth, inc. on january 4, 2017, at an amount in excess of kenneth's fair value. on that date, ken


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.how does the description of the 1900s in paragraphs 5-6 help us understand the qualities of dystopian literature? use the races strategy to answer th