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.188-km course in 2h, 30 min, and 12s. there is an uncertainty of 25m in the distance traveled and an uncertainty of 1 s in the elapsed time. (a) calculate the percent uncertainty in the distance. (b) calculate the uncertainty in the elapsed time. (c) what is the average speed in m Get the answer
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.2. what approach to deviance do you find most persuasive: that of functionalists, conflict theorists, feminists, interactionists, or labeling theoris


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.28 lab: phone number breakdown given an integer representing a 10-digit phone number, output the area code, prefix, and line number using the format


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.41:lmno is a parallelogram, with zm = (11x)" and 2n = (6x - 7). which statements are true about parallelogram lmno? selectthree options.