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. when 2 moles of helium gas expand at constant pressure p = 1.0 × 105 pascals, the temperature increases from 2? to 112?. if the initial volume of the gas was 45 liters. cp=20.8j/mol. k, cv=12.6j/mol. k. determine i. the work done w by the gas as it expands (4) ii. the total heat applied to the gas (2) iii. the change in internal energy (2 Get the answer
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. when the shuttle's altitude is about 12.5 miles, its horizontal distance to the runway is about 56 miles. what is the glide angle? round your answer


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. when using a word processing application, which of the following will help you add bullets and borders? graphics features formatting features editin


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. when we feel stress, our bodies release into the bloodstream to give us the we need to respond. for animals, the response is often triggered by sit