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. water levels near a glacier currently average 9 feet, varying seasonally by 2 inches above and below the average and reaching their highest point in january. due to global warming, the glacier has begun melting faster than normal. every year, the water levels rise by a steady 3 inches. find a function modeling the depth of the water t months from now. if the docks are 2 feet above current water levels, at what point will the water first rise above the docks Get the answer
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. what are some types of logical fallacies which degrade the credibility of an argument? please provide examples (for example, from political campaign


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. what are the characteristics of mercury? (select all that apply.) mercury is the closest planet to the sun. mercury has many rings visible from ea


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. what are the two types of waves? * 5 points compressional and sound electromagnetic and light longitudinal and transverse water and light