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. the following precedence network is used for assembling a product. you have been asked to achieve an output of 240 units per eight-hour day. all times in this network are in minutes. balance the line using the following rule: assign tasks to workstations on the basis of most following tasks (rule 1). use greatest positional weight (rule 2) as a tiebreaker. what is the efficiency (%) Get the answer
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. the graph g(x) is shown in the figure above. if h(x) = -9(x) + 1, which of the following statements is true? a. the range of h(x) is -3 b. the mini


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. the height of a plant is 8 more inches than twice the height of a plant last month. the plant is 32 inches this month. what is the height of the pla


Mona Eva 1 Hours ago

. the length of a micrometer is approximately 0.00003937 inch. how would you express this in scientific notation?