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. phát bi?u sau ?ây là ?úng hay sai? gi?i thích? a. "hai n??c có th? ??t ???c l?i ích th??ng m?i ngay c? khi m?t trong hai n??c có l?i th? tuy?t ??i trong vi?c s?n xu?t t?t c? các hang hóa" b. m?t s? ng??i r?t tài gi?i có l?i th? so sánh trong t?t c? m?i th? mà h? làm c. n?u giao d?ch nào ?ó là t?t cho m?t ng??i, nó có th? không t?t cho ng??i kia d. n?u giao d?ch nào ?ó là t?t cho m?t ng??i, nó luôn luôn t?t cho ng??i kia e. n?u th??ng mai cho m?t qu?c gia là t?t, nó s? t?t cho t?t c? m?i ng??i trong qu?c gia ?ó Get the answer
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. prepare any journal entries, adjusting journal entries, and closing journal entries required on january 2, 2018, december 31, 2018, and december 31,


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. problems and applications q7 consider a monopolistically competitive market with n firms. each firm's business opportunities are described by the fo


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. provide a one-paragraph summary of the key issues as you see them in this case. 2. how would you describe rinaldi's influence tactics? cite at least