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"in addition to educating the country, [president barack obama’s] goal is to frame the political debate and set an agenda that the next democratic presidential nominee can run on next year—an agenda that obama hopes will put opposition republicans at a big disadvantage. obama has been getting lots of attention for bypassing the republican-controlled congress and using his unilateral powers, such as executive orders, to get his way. but his power to persuade is another vital weapon in the president's arsenal, since he can command media and public attention almost whenever he wants." -kenneth t. walsh, u. s. news & world report, 2015 the strategy described in the passage above is an example of which of the following? 1. the bully pulpit 2. checks and balances 3. cloture 4. formal power Get the answer
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"in national income accounting, government purchases include:" "purchases by federal, state, and local governments ." purchases by the federal govern


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"in order to achieve excellence through teaching students, advancing research and providing public service for the benefit of florida’s citizens, thei


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"in overthrowing me, you have done no more than cut down the tree trunk of the black liberty in st. domingue it will spring back from the roots, for t