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. low-density lipoprotein (ldl) is an important part of blood cholesterol test. ldl higher than 130mg/dl is a risk factor of developing cardiovascular disease. to prevent cardiovascular disease, a health center had a free blood cholesterol test for all the people older than 65 in the community. a total of eight people attended the blood screening and their blood test results are listed below: ldl(mg/dl): 130,143,114,110,123,110,134,124 after the blood test, the nurse wants to know the variance of ldl scores Get the answer
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. mt anderson’s dystopian young adult novel feed issues a blistering satire of the dishonest, manipulative aspects of american consumer culture. throu


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. makayla walks for exercise. she wants to walk a total of 6 miles. on monday, she walked 2 ? miles. on tuesday, she walked 1 ? miles. how many more m


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. make a table of values to determine three points on the graph of the linear function y = 3x + 5. use the headings x, y, and (x, y) for the table.