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. in summer, the impact of greater cloud cover depends on the height of the clouds. cooling would prevail with an increase in low cloud cover, thereby providing feedback. warming would likely accompany an increase in high cloud cover, thereby providing the opposite feedback. Get the answer
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. in the above two photos are nationalist leader jiang jieshi (left) and communist leader mao zedong (right). list two differences you notice between


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. in the diary entry for saturday, 22 january, 1944 and again on tuesday, 7 march, 1944, anne seems to have gained some maturity. what has she realize


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. in the electrolysis of molten potassium iodide , a possible cathode reaction would be : * a.2i? -2e?i? b. i?-2e?2i? c. k?+e?k 4.k-e?k?