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. in a single-flash geothermal power plant, geothermal water enters the flash chamber (a throttling valve) at 230?c as a saturated liquid at a rate of 50 kg/s. the steam resulting from the flashing process enters a turbine and leaves at 20 kpa with a moisture content of 5 percent. determine the temperature of the steamafter the flashing process and the power output from the turbine if the pressure of the steam at the exit of the flash chamber (?2) is 1 mpa. Get the answer
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. in a well constructed response of 1 paragraph, respond to the following questions:does money buy happiness? how does saving money versus spending mo


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. in an analysis of variance with three groups, the null hypothesis states: c a. ?1 ? ?2 and ?3 b. at least two of the groups differ c. ?1 = ?2 = ?3 d


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. in an agronomy experiment peanuts with shriveled seeds were crossed with normal peanuts.1 the genetic model that the agronomists were considering pr