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. consider the following standards. mafs.912.f-bf.1.1b: combine standard function types using arithmetic operation. for example, build a function that models the temperature of a cooling body by adding a constant function to a decaying exponential, and relate these functions to the model. mafs.912.f-bf.1.1c: compose functions. for example, if t(y) is the temperature in the atmosphere as a function of height, and h(t) is the height of a weather balloon as a function of time, then t(h(t)) is the temperature at the location of the weather balloon as a function of time. part a: describe the difference in combining functions and composing functions. part b: give a real-world example of combining functions. part c: give a real-world example of composing functions. Get the answer
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. convert new horizons's speed when it left our atmosphere, 10 miles per second, to miles per hour to get a better sense of how fast the spacecraft wa


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. cortázar vivió casi toda su vida fuera de su país de origen, bélgica. cierto falso 2. al vivir lejos de la argentina, cortázar se olvidó de la socio


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. courtney was trying her hardest to keep up during choir rehearsal, but she was just not prepared. the choir director pulled her aside and asked her