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. amanda reiss had completed her residency in ophthalmology in portland, oregon, and was moving to phoenix, arizona, to start her practice. she began looking for office space and met with a leasing agent who showed her several complexes of medical suites. dr. reiss was ready to sign for one of them when the leasing agent turned to her and said, "oh, by the way, you’re not one of those advertising doctors, are you? because they don’t want that kind in any of my complexes." has there been a violation of the antitrust laws? Get the answer
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. an average force of 220.0 n is used to pull a bow string back to a full draw of 0.550 m. a 280.0 g arrow is aimed vertically using this bow. what el


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. an elementary school pool fun day is planned. if each school goes to the closest pool to it, which pool will have the most schools attending? create


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. an extremely large sink hole has opened up in a field just outside of the city limits. it is difficult to measure across the sink hole without falli