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. alternative x has a first cost of $5 million and an annual maintenance cost of $200,000. alternative y has a first cost of $7 million, a maintenance cost of $40,000 and periodic expenditures of $100,000 every five years. if both alternatives have infinite lives, create the equation that will yield the rate of return on the incremental investment Get the answer
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. an air-plane accelerates down a runway at 3 m/s2 for 32 s until is finally lifts off the ground. determine the distance travelled before take off.


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. an automobile travels along a straight road at 15.65 m/s through a 11.18 m/s speed zone. a police car observed the automobile. at the instant that t


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. an average force of 220.0 n is used to pull a bow string back to a full draw of 0.550 m. a 280.0 g arrow is aimed vertically using this bow. what el