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. a rock of mass 0.5 kg is launched straight up. a constant upward force of 405 n acted on the rock while it moved 25 cm upward starting from rest. ignore air resistance. a. find the launce speed using the work-energy theorem [use g = 10 m/s2). b. using energy ideas, find the maximum height above the launch point (25 cm) the rock will reach.? Get the answer
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. a she sphere of mass 40 kg is attracted by another sphere of mass 15 kg a force of 9.8×10÷-7. find the value of universal gravitational constant if


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. a simple definition of curriculum is o a. scholarly subjects. • b. a teaching philosophy o c. books used to teach lessons. o d. what we teach


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. a slingshot is used to shoot a small ball straight upward into the air; when the pouch is released, the sling propels the ball upward. assuming no