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. a good friend of yours has informed you of his desire to purchase a plot of land for sugarcane and rice farming. when you decided to dig a soil pedon to know more about the land, you found out that the epipedon is highly eluviated, while the subsurface layers feature oxic soil. what does this tell you about the soil, and what advise will you give your friend?? Get the answer
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. a math class has 9 girls and 3 boys in the seventh grade and 3 girls and 7 boys in the eighth grade. the teacher randomly selects a seventh grader a


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. a movie theater has two rooms. room a has 7 rows of seats with 14 seats in each row. room b has three times as many seats as room a. how many seats


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. a negative point charge is creating an electric field of 50 000 n/c at some point p. how far away should another negative charge of be placed to cre