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-hallar la aceleracion que adquiere un bloque de 30 kg por la accion de una fuerza de 150 n cuando se aplica con un angulo de 30 grados se sabe que el coeficiente de friccion entre el bloque y el suelo es de 0,32. -hallar el coeficiente de friccion sabiendo que para para empujar una caja de 20 kg horizontalmente y con una rapidez constante se requiere de una fuerza tambien horizontal de 90 n. Get the answer
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-how did thomas jefferson justify writing the declaration of independence? use speec method 5 sentances min plz and thxs


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-how do you determine a want from a need explaining how either a want or a need can be connected to the cultural/social aspects of a society? really


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-i have a personal narrative to write and the prompt i chose was (write about how you failed to do or failed to achieve something. describe what you