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- why did the united states enter the korean war? a. to stop the spread of communism b. to boycott actions of the united nations c. to support their alliance with north korea d. to stop the soviet union from developing an atomic bomb . what aircraft performed best in close air support and as a daytime strike fighter? a. f-51 mustang b. f-84 thunderjet c. f-86 sabre d. f-4u corsair Get the answer
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- write a piecewise function defined by three equations that has a domain of all real numbers and a range of -3 < y s 1.


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- write equations for (a) the decomposition of carbon monoxide- co_to produce carbon--and oxygen gas and (b) the synthesis reaction for the formation


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- write the following as a c++ expression a. v = 4/3(3.1416r3) b. s = 2(3.1416r2) + 2 (3.141r)h c. (-b + (b2 - 4ac)) / 2a