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- t?ng s? di s?n c?a ông x là 900 tri?u - phân chia nh? sau: + ông x và v? ?ang làm th? t?c ly hôn nên trong di chúc ông x không cho ng??i v?; + cho ng??i con ?? 10 tu?i: 150 tri?u ??ng. + cho ng??i con ?? 20 tu?i: 600 tri?u ??ng; + cho ng??i chú ru?t c?a ông x: 150 tri?u ??ng. h?i: vi?c chia th?a k? di s?n sau khi ông x qua ??i có ???c th?c hi?n theo ý nguy?n c?a ông x hay không? Get the answer
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- vektiver clutiuiinc system today? a traditional economy b. free market c. command economy d. mixed economy 2. a free market has a. dual ownership of


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- when you are towing a trailer: a. you must not drive faster than 45 mph b. the trailer must not swerve from side to side at any speed


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- we will fill the hole with concrete. concrete costs about $4 per cubic foot and labor is usually $1200 for 400 cubic feet of work.