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- martin luther king jr., nobel prize acceptance speech, 1964 what is the meaning of this passage? a. king doesn't understand people who are racist, and he thinks that violence is the only thing they recognize. b. king doesn't believe people are so set in their ways that they can't accept a peaceful future. c. king acknowledges that the cycle of oppression and violence is very difficult to end. d. king wants the violence to end so that all men can wake up and see the start of a beautiful new day. Get the answer
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- math 1 b 2020 unit test unit test active 10 time remaining 01:55:30 ms. johnson uses a statistics program to analyze all the data collected by her


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- maya had $24. then she earned $6 every week for the next x weeks. write an expression for the number of dollars maya has after x weeks.


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- mean test score was 200 with a standard deviation of 40- mean number of years of service was 20 years with a standard deviation of 2 years. in compa