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*please answer the following questions with complete sentences that follow claim-text evidence-explanation. 1. what literary strategies does edwards use to disarm his listeners? what popular notions or mindsets does he attack? why does edwards seek to disarm his listeners? 2. identify some messages, images, or phrases that edwards repeats frequently. what is the purpose of this repetition? what is the effect? 3. edwards puts emphasis on the “pleasure of god.” define the “pleasure of god” in light of his arguments. what kind of picture of god does edwards paint for his listeners when he discusses the “pleasure of god”? 4. identify at least three instances in which edwards uses diction, imagery, and/or metaphor to describe or emphasize god’s strength. what is edwards’ purpose in convincing his audience of god’s strength? 5. according to edwards’ characterization of god, is god irrational? why? (be careful. this is not your personal opinion of his sermon but an academic look at his actual argument considering his intended audience) 6. what does edwards assume his audience is afraid of? how does he utilize these fears to his advantage? what new fears does he cultivate? 7. identify the main shift towards the end of the sermon. what is the effect of this shift? 8. what is the purpose of his sermon? how are people meant to respond? 9. who is edwards’ intended audience and what does he believe about their fundamental nature as human beings? how does he demonstrate this opinion? 10. what are edwards’ sources of authority or credibility (ethos)? how does he elicit a response from his listeners? Get the answer
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*put the events in “the raven” in order by writing the numbers 1-6 on the lines provided. the raven comes in and perches above the narrator’s door.


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*q how many feathers are 2 inches or shorter? explain leathens) sare 2 inches or shorter on the line plot this is the that are pe whole numbers action


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*question 1* write short notes on the following indicating their relevance in the fight against helminths infections. a) albendazole b) ivermectin