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*p6-9b reliable camera mart sells a wide variety of special digital cameras and uses a perpetualinventory system. on may 1, 2008, reliable had five model 25 digital cameras on hand at a unit costof $95. during may and june, the company had the following purchases and sales for this camera (all for cash): see image instructions(a) determine the cost of goods sold and ending inventory under a perpetual inventory system using(1) fifo and (2) average cost.(b) prepare all required journal entries for may using (1) fifo and (2) average cost.(c) calculate gross profit using (1) fifo and (2) average cost.(d) which cost flow assumption produces the higher cash flow?(e) what factors should the owner of reliable camera mart consider when choosing a cost flowassumption? Get the answer
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*please answer asap* how did the puritans affect the development of early new england society? a.) they removed barriers to immigration from the nort


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*please answer question with one of the options how did cars and highways make suburban living easier? they eliminated the need for public transporta


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*please answer quick* the normal monthly temperatures (°f) for omaha, nebraska, are recorded below. -write a sinusoidal function that models omaha’s