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***max points*** / article multiple choice: stage set: syd's room. tom and kate are unaware of the fact that syd, who had gone out to help a friend with homework, has returned home early. he is eavesdropping on his parents' conversation. tom:can you believe it? our son going off to college? kate:wow. seems like he was born yesterday. he was a tiny little thing at five pounds. now, he is going on a football scholarship. tom:how did we get so lucky? kate:i think he is pretty lucky, too. i did not get a new car until i was 28. tom:well, he is an excellent driver, and he will be driving home every other weekend. kate:you think he will be like that? tom:our kid? he appreciates your dinner every night. you think he is not going to like the new car? he'd be thrilled! kate:i wish i could kiss good night and tuck him in like when he was a baby. tom:well, good thing he is not home. he would be so embarrassed. he is 17! which of these best explains the irony in this play? a. the parents falsely believe that syd is an excellent driver. b. the parents have bought a new car for a teenager. c. only the audience knows that syd is actually in his room. d. only the father knows that the son really hates football. Get the answer
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***please i need help fast*** you are trying to decide between 2 banks. bank a is offering you an interest rate of 2% compounded quarterly and bank b


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***plsss help*** how does the character ulrich change throughout the story? what causes point him to change? respond by restating the question and wi


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***write an essay stating your position on whether high school students should be required to spend three hours a week volunteering*** some one please