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)a six-sided number cube labeled 1 through 6 is rolled 200 times. an even number is rolled 115 times. compare the theoretical probability of rolling an even number with the relative frequency of rolling an even number and select one of the statements below that best describes the situation. the theoretical probability and relative frequency are the same. the theoretical probability is larger than the relative frequency. the theoretical probability is smaller than the relative frequency. there is not enough information to determine the relative frequency. Get the answer
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)an investor is trying to decide between a muni paying 5.75 percent or an equivalent taxablecorporate paying 8.25 percent. what is the minimum margina


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)clarissa deposits $2000 in an account that pays 2.1% simple interest. she keeps the money in the account for 7 years. a. how much interest will she


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)if swannanoa company's budgeted sales are $1,000,000, fixed costs are $350,000, and variable costs are $600,000, what is the budgeted contribution ma