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) consider a beam of light traveling from a medium with a low index of refraction n1 to a new medium with a higher index of refraction n2. use snell’s law to explain why total internal reflection will never occur in this situation, regardless of the choice of the incident angle. Get the answer
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) consider the following program: hex address label instruction 100 load a 101 store temp 102 jns subr 103 store a 104 load b 105 store temp 106 jns s


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) construct a spinner with red, yellow, blue, and green sectors, so the following probabilities are true. • the probability of landing on red is "1 4


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) create a matlab functionplotfun. m that plotsthe followingfunction:f(x, y) = -­?x * sin(sqrt(abs(x))) -­?y * sin(sqrt(abs(y)))the function should ha