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!: (a) 20 cm: 80 10. some mercury is poured into a capillary tube of uniform bore and one end closed. when the tube is held horizontally, mercury column has a length of 4 cm and air enclosed in the closed end has a length of 10 cm. if the tube is now held vertically, with open end upwards, the length of the air column will be (take atmospheric pressure at the tale place of experiment to be 760 mm) (a) 10.5 cm . (6) 8.5 cm ",ji (c) 9.0 cm mati (d) 9.5 cm 0 Get the answer
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Sarah Aksinia 55 Minutes ago

!help asap! i have completed everything except for the last box. can someone please help me on the last box. thank you for your help!


Giiwedin Frigyes 1 Hours ago

!help please!! que factores propiciaron la decadencia de la economia en america latina y cuales fueron sus concecuencias en la mineria y la agricultur


Valko Tomer 1 Hours ago

!help pleaseee! for this problem i thought it meant to subtract 0.1492 - 0.1515 = -0.0023 however my answer was incorrect. how do i solve this problem