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) subtract the following polynomials. give your answer in x-y-z order and include the tenths place. (7.8x– 3.4y + z) - (9.2x– 8.2y + 3.1z) Get the answer
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) which cultural tradition is most supported by the details in this passage? a) being a beloved and obedient son, following in the footsteps of his f


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) 1.3kg of gold at 300k comes in thermal contact with 2.1kg copper at 400k. the specific heats of au and cu are 126 j/kg-k and 386 j/kg-k respectively


Abraham Uilleam 1 Hours ago

) a 16 foot ladder is leaning against a wall. if the top slips down the wall at a rate of 3 ft/s, how fast will the foot be moving away from the wall