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(x+1) the rational expression 2(x-1)(4x+1) a. one restriction on x. b. two restrictions on r. c three restrictions on x. d. four restrictions on .x. Get the answer
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Sagi Boris 55 Minutes ago

(x-13.4)^2+(y+2.6)^2=100what is its center?(_,_)what is its radius?_units


Abraham Uilleam 1 Hours ago

(x-4)2 + (y + 3)2 = i was told to write the standard form of the equation but i don’t know what the answer is


Selma Yafa 1 Hours ago

(x2 + 2xy + y2)(x+1) a) x3 + 2x2y + x2 + y2 +xy2 b) x2 + 2xy + y2 c) x3 + x2 +2x2y +xy2 + y2 + 2xy d) x2 + y2 + 2xy + x + 1 please show me how you