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(need help asap plz :) one aspect of the commercial revolution was that the barter system of trade was replaced by a system based on money and credit. why were arabic numerals needed to make this system work? a. arabic numerals could be written in bank books without filling up the page. b. arabic numerals were easier for everyone to learn and use in transactions. c. arabic numerals allowed bankers to more easily calculate the interest on a loan. d. arabic numerals included the number 0, which does not appear in roman numerals. Get the answer
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(no links) read the passage and examine the text in bold. then, answer the question. i always loved my grandfather's explanations of our seasons, "th


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(not multiple choice) if a car travels at a constant rate of speed, the distance that it travels varies directly as time. if a car travels 75 miles i


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(número) hombres cortés traia (número) caballos, y (número) piezas de artilleria. blank 1: blank 2: blank 3