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"for many years champollion's progress was blocked because, like de sacy and earlier scholars, he believed the hieroglyphs represented things, not sounds. then, in 1822, he reversed his position. some of champollion's rivals suggested that he had gotten the idea from thomas young's encyclopedia britannica article. there the english scholar explained how the hieroglyphs in ptolemy's name stood for sounds. champollion hotly denied these suggestions, claiming that he had arrived at his new position entirely on his own." —the riddle of the rosetta stone, james cross giblin which line from the passage shows how de sacy's and champollion's ideas were the same? -“champollion hotly denied these suggestions” -“like de sacy and earlier scholars he believed the hieroglyphs” -“he has gotten the idea from thomas young’s encyclopedia britannica article” -“then in 1822 he reversed his position” help please!!! Get the answer
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"for witnesses who were not too traumatized by the meteorite, the event became a way to make some extra money—meteorite fragments could be sold online


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"for years his silence bewildered and frightened me, though i always trusted him, i never hated him. and when i was hold enough to understand, he told


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"forced redistribution of wealth is morally wrong because it is a form of stealing, and stealing is always wrong." to which theory of ethics is the pe