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"doing creative projects with each other is a good way of keeping yourself busy and keeping yourself not depressed," morris said. which sentence from the article best supports this idea? (a) "we played through all the board games and everything, so we had to get creative," alex presley, age 25, who has been hunkering down with his girlfriend, twin brother and parents since last month, told the washington post. (b) what is new, however, is that the family's recent nutty game night activities have now made them internet famous. (c) "a lot of people are in our similar situation, where they're all together with their families and they're running out of things to do." (d) "i don't know what else i would be doing in quarantine without this," said caitlin, age 18, who has been documenting her brother's culinary adventures on tiktok. Get the answer
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"don't nobody want that in their house" - that statement is an example of what speakers are asked to avoid as it contains a)


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"don't wear by trying to do too much soon".the instructor warned. a.yourself off b. yourself up c. yourself on d. yourself of?


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"donald is a 21-year-old full-time college student. during 2019, he earned $2,550 from a part-time job and $1,150 in interest income. if donald is a d