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"calculating the ph of a solution of a weak acid; calculating the ph of the solution after the addition of strong base the ka for formic acid is 1.78 × 10?4 m. a. what is the ph of a 0.1 m solution of formic acid? b. 150 ml of 0.1 m naoh is added to 200 ml of 0.1 m formic acid, and water is added to give a final volume of 1 l. what is the ph of the final solution?" Get the answer
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"candice is cleaning the office building's 200-gallon aquarium. for cleaning, she must remove the fish from the aquarium and drain the water. the wate


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"capital punishment is morally acceptable if it prevents more people from being murdered." to which theory of ethics is the person who made this state


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"carl regretted his decision immediately. he wanted to see the school, the one he had tried so hard to save, one last time. he walked the empty hall