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(1984) why does the party provide victory gin in plentiful amounts to the people? a. as a treat and reward for good work. b. it dulls their emotions and keeps them from thinking clearly. c. it wants to get them drunk so it can steal their money. d. so the thought police will have an easier time "reading their thoughts." Get the answer
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(2 marks) (2 marks) question 6 the diagram below shows a red blood cell in three different concentrated environments. the best environment for the re


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(2 marks) q12 a sandwich shop owner makes 1 sandwich with brown bread for every 4 sandwiches he makes with white bread. today he needs to make 600 san


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(2 points) (hypothetical.) a box is full of thousands of tickets labeled either 0 or 1. it is believed that the average of all the tickets in the box