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(12 points) in africa, the joint united nations programme on hiv/aids determined that the probability that an individual adult in africa has the disease is 0.05. assume for any hiv test, the probability that the test result is positive given a real hiv carrier is 0.98, and the probability that the test result is positive given a healthy individual (i. e., a person who does not carry hiv virus) is 0.05. (a) (5 pts) what is the probability that a test result will be negative Get the answer
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(120) what is the correct definition of anti-semitism?* 5 points o a. racism against people of asian descent in germany. o b. extreme hatred toward pe


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(13 points) (show your work) jordan is a biologist. she is going to randomly select one animal from her lab to study. there are 55 salamanders, 33 cra


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(13) 7-5.30 sat up & solve percent increase the manager of an online news service received the report on the number of subscriptions sold by the