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(10 points) he stands, looking after her, his books still under his arm, while a feeling of total displacement sweeps over him. mechanically he opens the door; tosses his books on the seat; gets in. you're very good looking. observing meticulously all traffic signs, all other cars on the road, all pedestrians, being careful, missing no turns. he arrives home safe and intact, and parks in the circular drive so that his father can put his car in the garage. he enters the house through the door in the garage. his mother's car is still missing. there is no one home but him. he goes straight upstairs to his bedroom without taking off his jacket; drops his books on the bed; goes in to the bathroom and turns on the light. select the correct answer. which of the following hints was most helpful in deciding the method of characterization used? a. what the person does b. what others say about the person c. what the person says d. how the person looks Get the answer
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(10 points) grey rocks and greyer sea by charles g. d. roberts grey rocks, and greyer sea, and surf along the shore— and in my heart a name my li


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(10 points) a recipe for brownies calls for 4 eggs and 1 cups of flour. if the recipe makes 15 brownies, how many cups of flour will be needed to make


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(10 points) in super human by nicola yoon. based on the evidence within the text, why do you think x threatens humanity when he doesn’t actually want