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(1). an aeroplane leaves an airport, flies due north for 2 hrs at 500km/h. it then flies on a bearing of 053 degree at 300km/h for 90 mins. how far is the plane from the airport correct to 1 dp *(2). find the bearing of the plane from the airport correct to 1 dp. *(3). if it takes the aeroplane 150 mins to fly back to the airport. find the average speed of the aeroplane for the whole flight correct to 1dp. * Get the answer
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(1)a robot is a machine that is able to perform a variety of tasks through the use of a computer. (2)this computer is programmed to control movements


Ehud Raghnall 1 Hours ago

(1)as a cloud of gas and dust collapses on itself and becomes more dense, the temperature at the center of the cloud a, increase b, decrease, c, stay


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(1)the point that is to be transformed is called the. a. transformation b. pre- imagec. imaged. post- image(2) given c(2,9) under which reflection is