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(1) people collect different objects as a hobby, and starting a collection can be the beginning of an exciting opportunity. (2) when deciding on an object to collect, one must decide what interests them. (3) items that are often collected include postage stamps, coins, sports memorabilia, seashells, and many other diverse objects. (4) the object being collected must be accessible to the collector. (5) the collector will need to develop an understanding of the objects and learn as much as possible about their collection. (6) for example, collecting seashells when one does not live near the ocean would not be a good choice. (7) organization and dedication are also important traits for a new collector. which sentence is out of order in the paragraph? a .2 b.3 c. 5 d. 6 Get the answer
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(1) record the investment in sub. (2) prepare a value analysis schedule. (3) prepare a determination and distribution of excess schedule for the inves


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(1) response to stimuli: does the entity sense and respond to environmental change? they just can reproduce when they are in the host


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(1) saad had a box that is 15cm by 20cm by 22cm. what is the volume of the box? (2) jake is redoing her kitchen. it measures 18ft by 19 ft. if wallpap