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(1) one trend certain to remain, and even expand, is the trend toward integrating technology into the classroom. (2) in many districts, the classroom has been transformed into a high-tech zone, other districts are lagging, due to a lack of either resources or vision. (3) according to research, the most successful districts incorporate technology at a much higher rate of computer equipment per student than the least successful districts (pellegrin 14). ;what is the best way for colleen to revise the paragraph to effectively use transitions? by adding the transition for example to the beginning of sentence 1 by adding the transition though before the phrase other districts in sentence 2 by replacing the phrase according to research with the transition indeed in sentence 3 by replacing the word than with the transition as well as in sentence 3 Get the answer
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(1) people collect different objects as a hobby, and starting a collection can be the beginning of an exciting opportunity. (2) when deciding on an o


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(1) people may think that love and romantic feelings are enough of a basis for choosing a spouse. (2) the chances of a marriage surviving, however, wo


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(1) playing a team sport such as soccer or lacrosse can help a child learn important life skills, such as sportsmanship, loyalty, and discipline. (2)