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(1) in 1994, three explorers set out to investigate the caves of southern france. (2) when they came across a cave opening that were blocked by stones, the explorers removed the stones and entered it. (3) inside, the explorers found hundreds of paintings done on the rock walls. (4) little did they know, they were looking at one of the oldest art displays in the world. (5) initially, the explorers assumed the paintings were not very old. (6) scientists were later brought in to take samples of the rock inside the cave. (7) they used radiocarbon dating to guess the age of the paintings. (8) based on the scientists findings, the paintings were estimated to be as old as 30,000 b. c.e.! (9) since its discovery, the chauvet cave has fascinated everyone from geologists to art historians. (10) what sets the chauvet cave apart from other caves is the fact that it is unusually well preserved. (11) scientists believe that a landslide sealed the entrance to the cave around 25,000 years ago. (12) because the cave had no exposure to air, water, or living things its paintings and drawings remained intact. 4 what change, if any, should be made in sentence 12? a. remove the comma after the word air. b. add a comma after the word things. c. insert a hyphen between living things. d. change the word its to it's. Get the answer
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(1) in ordinary circumstances, when the corporate veil has not been pierced, a shareholder may be liable for: a. the actions of the board of director


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(1) in terms of what it shows about america, being american, and america's core values, with which work did you identify the most? why? cite specific


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(1) is your computer acting up? (2) have your efforts to fix it been useless? (3) are you unsure of who to call? (4) well, we're here to help. (5) kay