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(1) each state should enact a law that makes wearing seat belts mandatory for all passengers and drivers in cars and trucks. (2) statistics show that seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by fifty percent. (3) as a result of laws like this in various states, seat belt usage in the united states has dramatically increased in the past thirty years. (4) some people believe that the government does not have the right to force people to be safe, and that these laws are unfair. (5) the bottom line is that seat belts are proven to save lives; therefore, everyone should be forced to wear one if they want to travel by car or truck. which sentence is evidence of the author’s claim? sentence 1 sentence 3 sentence 4 sentence 5 Get the answer
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(1) earthquakes involve a powerful movement of earth's crust. (2) scientists measure the energy of an earthquake with a seismometer. (3) earthquakes


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(1) eventually, with steadfastness, patience, and hard work, i learned how to bake my very own beautifully risen chocolate cake. (2) but i learned mor


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(1) every four years, the best soccer players in the world gather to decide which country has the best soccer team in the world. each time, a differen