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(1) bob dylan is the songwriter who opened up the doors of possibility to all who followed. (2) he was the mysterious bard with a guitar who sent out a clarion call—first as the acoustic voice of his generation, then as the plugged-in rocker who remained a master of the unexpected for five decades—that the words pop singers sang were worthy of being taken seriously. (3) "dylan was a revolutionary,” bruce springsteen said in his 1988 speech inducting dylan into the rock and roll hall of fame. (4) "the way that elvis freed your body, bob freed your mind.” (5) early masterpieces such as "a hard rain’s a-gonna fall” and "visions of johanna” and "like a rolling stone” fueled a debate: are rock lyrics poetry? (6) the answer must be yes, because on thursday, dylan was awarded the highest honor for a writer: the nobel prize in literature. (7) the swedish academy, in making him the first american winner since novelist toni morrison in 1993, cited him for "having created new poetic expressions within the great american song tradition.” which sentence states deluca’s claim? sentence 1 sentence 2 sentence 6 sentence 7 Get the answer
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(1) complete the following statement: atp energy molecules are the product of this energy comes from the reactant of solar energy during (2) al (1) ph


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(1) compute the total variable cost per unit. (2) compute the total fixed costs. (3) compute the income from operations for sales volume of 16,000 uni


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(1) contemporary american society has a variety of markers of entrance into adulthood. (2) there are legal definitions: at 17, young people may enlist