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(1 point) rework problem 5 from section 1.1 of your text, involving subsets of a set a. assume that the set a = {0,1,3,4,8}. (1) let b = {1}. note that b c a. find a subset c of a such that buc = a and b c = 0. c= Get the answer
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(1 point) the intensity of light at a depth of x meters below the surface of a lake satisfies the differential equation didx=(?1.21)i. (a) at what dep


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(1 point) the summer monsoon brings 80% of india's rainfall and is essential for the country's agriculture. records going back more than a century sho


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(1 point) the temperature u in a star of conductivity 3 is inversely proportional to the distance from the center: u=3x2+y2+z2?. if the star is a sphe