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(1 point) a, p and d are n×n matrices. check the true statements below: a. a is diagonalizable if and only if a has n eigenvalues, counting multiplicities. b. if a is diagonalizable, then a is invertible. c. a is diagonalizable if a=pdp?1 for some diagonal matrix d and some invertible matrix p. d. if there exists a basis for rn consisting entirely of eigenvectors of a, then a is diagonalizable. Get the answer
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(1 point) canada's national statistics agency, statistics canada, says that the land area of canada is 9,094,000 square kilometers. of this land, 4,17


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(1 point) consider the initial value problem: x?1x?2==?x1+x2?2x1+x2,x1(0)x2(0)==4 4 (a) find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors for the coefficient matr


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(1 point) consumers in shelbyville have a choice of one of two fast food restaurants, krusty's and mcdonald's. both have trouble keeping customers. of