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(1 point) a tank contains 60 kg of salt and 2000 l of water. pure water enters a tank at the rate 8 l/min. the solution is mixed and drains from the tank at the rate 4 l/min. (a) what is the amount of salt in the tank initially Get the answer
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(1 point) below is a bar graph of class standing for a finance seminar containing five students who are either freshman, sophomores, juniors, or senio


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(1 point) canada's national statistics agency, statistics canada, says that the land area of canada is 9,094,000 square kilometers. of this land, 4,17


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(1 point) consider the initial value problem: x?1x?2==?x1+x2?2x1+x2,x1(0)x2(0)==4 4 (a) find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors for the coefficient matr