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(08.05) a set of equations is given below: equation s: y = x + 9 equation t: y = 2x + 1 which of the following steps can be used to find the o x = 2x + 1 Get the answer
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(08.05)the box plot shows the number of years during which 16 schools have participated in a marching band competition:years of participationhit>05


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(08.05, 08.06 mc) part a: the area of a square is (16x2 - 8x + 1) square units. determine the length of each side of th square by factoring the area


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(08.06 lc) describe the solution of g(x) shown in the graph. parabola opening down passing through 0 comma 2, negative 1.5 comma 4.25, and negative 3.