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(06.03) a student wants to report on the number of movies her friends watch each week. the collected data are below: 2 14 1 2 0 1 0 2 which measure of center is most appropriate for this situation and what is its value? (2 points) group of answer choices median; 1.5 median; 3 mean; 1.5 mean; 3 Get the answer
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(06.04 mc) read the text and write the answers in spanish following the instructions indicated in the text. (4 points) you may copy and paste the acc


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(06.04 mc) snowshoe hares have white-colored fur, which allows them to blend with the snow in the winter. which of the following best explains how me


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(06.04 mc) calculate the area of triangle abc with altitude cd, given a (-3,-4), b(-6, 2), c (0,0), and d(-4,-2). (5 points)