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(05.06 hc) when nahco3 completely decomposes, it can follow this balanced chemical equation: 2nahco3 ? na2co3 + h2co3 1) determine the theoretical yields of each product using stoichiometry if the mass of the nahco3 sample is 3.80 grams. (show work for both) 2) in an actual decomposition of nahco3, the mass of one of the products was measured to be 2.36 grams. identify which product this could be and justify your reasoning. 3) calculate the percent yield of the product identified in part 2. (show your work) Get the answer
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(05.06 mc) the distance, y, in miles, traveled by a car for a certain amount of time, x, in hours, is shown in the graph below. motion of a car y 84


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(05.06) coordinate grid with plotted ordered pairs, point a at negative 5, 4 point b at 4, 7 point c at negative 2, 7 point d at negative 7, 1 point e


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(05.06)use a net to find the surface area of the right triangular prism shown below: 9 ft 12 ft 15 ft 10 ft