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(05.03 mc) read the text and question. then, choose the correct option that answers the question. mi nombre es antonio. antes de llegar al metro yo estaba perdido, pero usé el sistema de posicionamiento global y llegué a la casa de mi amiga sandra en la calle laurel. ella rentó un mototaxi y ella y yo llegamos a nuestro destino, la sagrada familia, en una hora. based on the text, what would you use when you're lost? question 7 options: street signs travel guide map gps Get the answer
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(05.03 mc) look at the figure below: triangle npm has the measure of angle npm equal to 50 degrees. t is a point on side pm. points n and t are joined


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(05.03 mc) look at the figure below: triangles abc and bdc have a common base bc. e is the point of intersection of bd and ac. ae equals ec and ed equ


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(05.03 mc)which of these describes how children were treated differently from slaves in the roman republic? children could own property, but a slave'