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(04.01 lc) lee las frases e identifica si cada una es subjuntiva o indicativa. después, escoge la opción que refleja el modo correcto. read the sentences and identify if the sentence is subjunctive or indicative. then choose the option that reflects the correct mood for each sentence. danna and raquel are sure that we will arrive on time. jennifer desires to become an artist, but she still needs to go to school. my mom wishes i would buy her a new car for her birthday. they aren't sure that gabriel will pursue his ph. d. a) 1. subjunctive 2. indicative 3. subjunctive 4. indicative b) 1. indicative 2. subjunctive 3. subjunctive 4. subjunctive c) 1. indicative 2. indicative 3. subjunctive 4. subjunctive d) 1. subjunctive 2. subjunctive 3. indicative 4. indicative Get the answer
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(04.01 lc)the number of sodas a vendor sells daily has the probability distribution represented in the table.number of sodas, x 051015 2025p(x)0.01 0.


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(04.01 mc) a telephone number for a new upscale restaurant flashes on the movie screen, but the image disappears before aaron has the opportunity to


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(04.01 mc) hexagon ijklmn is shown on the coordinate plane below: hexagon ijklmn on a coordinate plane with ordered pairs at i negative two, six, at