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(01.03 mc) an object is at rest on a table. the gravitational force is 10 n down, and the normal force is 10 n up. what is the net force? (4 points) an object at rest on a table. an arrow pointing down represents 10 newtons of gravitational force. an arrow pointing up represents 10 newtons of normal force. a 10 n up b 0 n c 10 n down d 20 n up Get the answer
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(01.03 mc) describe at least two differences between constructing parallel lines and constructing perpendicular lines.


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(01.03 mc) what is the solution to the compound inequality 5x + 7 2-8 and 3x + 7 < 19?a) xs-3 and x 24b) -3 = x <4c) x> -3 and x > 4d) -3


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(01.03 mc) what does the conversation between marcus and his father reveal about their characters? a marcus doesn't agree with the regulations put in